AMERICAN STEEL - melden sich mit neuer 7" zurueck



Nach neun Jahren Release-Stille melden sich AMERICAN STEEL mit einer neuen EP zurueck. "State Of Grace" erscheint heute via Fat Wreck Chords und enthaelt zwei neue Songs der Bay Area Punkband. Anbei gibt es die A-Seite im Stream. Die Band spielt ueber die naechsten Wochen einige Shows in den Staaten und kommentiert das neue Release wie folgt:

"Our last show together was at the beginning of 2014. We didn’t necessarily plan on taking such a long hiatus, but soon after that life got in the way (and John moved to Berlin, which certainly didn’t make it easier to get together spontaneously). We always stayed open to the possibility of playing shows, and the motivational combination of our old buddies the Larry Arms and Lisa from New Noise got us to commit.

Ryan and Rory each had some new songs, and as we started practicing again we threw these into the set. Both songs, coincidentally, are thematically pretty similar, and deal with our history together with a solid dose of Amsteel black humor. We’re looking forward to playing again, seeing some old friends, and playing these new songs alongside some old (and some very old) ones"