ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS - Featuring Burton C. Bell



ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS werden ihr full length Debüt "Numinosum" am 19. Februar 2008 via MINISTRY´s Frontmann Al Jourgensen's 13th Planet Records veröffentlichen. Dazu ein bisschen Namedropping: Featuring FEAR FACTORY´s Burton C. Bell und John Bechdel (MINISTRY, KILLING JOKE, FALSE ICONS). Mr. Bell´s Kommentar: "I am very excited about this. Finally, after five years of diligence and prayer, my patience has paid off. I have booked three shows in the Northeast, trying to book one more. I am planning the shows around the release date of 'Numinosum'."

Tracklist "Numinosum":
01. Ascendant
02. Evading
03. Residual Presence
04. Canon For My Beloved
05. Moon Shine
06. Becoming Mars
07. On The River
08. Violent Morning
09. Like Falling Snow
10. Sounds Of Silence
11. Quintessence