AUGUST BURNS RED - neuer Song im Stream



Die Metalcore-Formation AUGUST BURNS RED hat ein neues Album in der Pipeline. Mit "Paramount" wurde nun ein weitere Song des Albums "Guardians" vorab veröffentlicht. "Guardians" erscheint am 03. April 2020 via Fearless Records. Über den Song sagt die Band:

"'Paramount' is one of my favorite songs from Guardians," sagt JB Brubaker. "It has that classic ABR sound with a bunch of tempo changes and different time signatures. But there's a recurring melody that glues the whole song together. I think this is a song that longtime fans of the band are going to love." 

Matt Greiner ergänzt: "At times over the last several years, I felt indifferent and uninterested towards the things that used to fuel me. I learned there is actually meaning in suffering. It's not random and without purpose. I found that the more I faced the fire, the more empathetic I became towards other people who are also hurting. I found meaning in the pain and stopped running from it. That's what 'Paramount' is about."

Tracklist "Guardians":

01. The Narrative
02. Bones
03. Paramount
04. Defender
05. Lighthouse
06. Dismembered Memory
07. Ties That Bind
08. Bloodletter
09. Extinct by Instinct
10. Empty Heaven
11. Three Fountains