A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS - Sänger verlässt die Band



Björn hat beschlossen die Band nach nun fünf Jahren gemeinsamer Arbeit zu verlassen. Als Begründung werden gesundheitliche Probleme angegeben. Hier das Statement von Björn und der Band:

"Today is the day I have to say goodbye to my dear fellow members of A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS and you, the listeners as well as all the supporters along the way we marched. According to some health problems I have to stop screaming and shouting for this amazing band. I 'm proud of being a part of a dream five friends shared and this decision to quit was probably one of the hardest in my life but it seems to be a " must ". Therefore I wish my brothers all the best for the future and will always remember the countless hours we`ve shared with a smile. Definitly the best times of my life.

Die Band:
"We as a band, want to send our deepest gratitude to him for all the great moments we spent together on the road and on stage, also for everything he did for he band.

We lose a great singer and a brother at the same time...

Björn will play his last show with us on september 16th in Vechelde...
We are searching for a new singer and will continue to do what we love.

Phill, Dennis, Jan and Christoph"