Aufgelöst: VERSUS THE MIRROR (2003-2007)



Ausgerechnet die talentierten Equal Vision Post Hardcorler von VERSUS THE MIRROR machen den Auftakt in der 2007er Break-Up Serie. Es sein zwar kein kompletter Split, aber die Band wird nicht mehr unter besagtem Namen touren und musizieren:

“VTM has gone through numerous changes and it wouldn't be fair to keep the VTM moniker writing new music with these new cats. So here's the deal. After three years of going through many hellish moments, Versus The Mirror is no more. We decided it was time to move on and grow.

We wish we could thank each and everyone one of you in person who sung along at shows, drove an innumerable amount of miles to come see us, hung out with us, ate with us, let us use their shower, rocked our gear, and bought our record, but that is a bit impossible. I, personally, had an incredible time and wish it didn't have to come to an end like this. You guys are the reason why we did everything and you're certainly the reason we're going to continue to make music.

We miss you all and will be seeing you again soon. We are commencing writing for a new record under a new name which hasn't been decided yet. It's a new year and a perfect time to start again. I can't stress enough that we are not done making music - we are thrilled to begin writing and getting back out there to see everyone again. You will be hearing (from) us again shortly.”