BAD WOLVES - Video zum THE CRANBERRIES-Cover "Zombie"



Am Tage des ploetzlichen Todes von Dolores O' Riordan sollte die Frontfrau der CRANBERRIES eigentlich ihren Gastgesangspart fuer das BAD WOLVES-Cover von "Zombie" aufnehmen. Anbei stellt die Band die fertige Version des Titels inklusive Videoclip vor. Alle Erloese des Coversongs gehen komplett an die drei Kinder O' Riordans, deren britischer Publicist Lindsey Holmes erklaert:

“Dolores was excited about plans to guest vocal on a cover version of her all time classic “Zombie” by American rock band Bad Wolves. Although very different in style to the original, Dolores said she thought that the cover “was killer” and she was intrigued by the simple but effective couple of lyric changes that make the cover version as relevant to current world events as the original was to the events that inspired her to write the song in the early nineties.”