BAYSIDE - neuer Song im Stream



"Dancing Like An Idiot" heisst ein neuer Song des Albums "Cult White Edition", einer Deluxe-LP-Reissue des aktuellen Albums "Cult".
Unten gibt es den Song inklusive Lyrikvideo - Frontmann Anthony Raneri zum Track:

“There is no such thing as bad music. Music, like any art form, is subject to people’s opinion and for every person who thinks a band is bad, there is someone who loves them. My problem is with artists that are actually responsible for dumbing down the youth. Encouraging ignorance instead of encouraging morals and encouraging the youth to be a better generation. When I wrote the song, I was thinking about the sarcastic remarks that people make about how the movie “Idiocracy” was coming true or this or that about “kids these days”. Instead of complaining about kids these days, I decided to talk about the people responsible for kids these days.”