BELIEVER beenden Aufnahmen zu neuem Album



BELIEVER haben soeben die Aufnahmen zu ihrem zweiten Album für Metal Blade beendet. Gemischt wird das Ganze von Kevin Gutierrez in den Assembly Line Studios, produziert haben die Jungs der Trauma Team Productions.

"We decided to bring back some of the orchestral feel of Dimensions by utilizing more layered guitars, keys and melody with different vocal arrangements. There is still the 'Believer' sound, but the musical progression continues for us."
- Kurt Bachman

"We revamped our writing and recording process so that everyone could work at their peak times. We also spent a lot of time finding the right combinations of gear to achieve the sounds we wanted. Each Believer album has had its own sound that distinguishes it from the preceding album, and this project is no different in that respect. You still have the core elements that make it recognizable as Believer, but the guitar tone is heavier, the songs are tighter and musically it seems more refined."
- Jeff King