BLIND GUARDIAN Statement zu der Rerelease-Serie



Zu der am heutigen Freitag erschienenen Wiederveröffentlichung der remasterten ersten 8 Alben von BLIND GUARDIAN erreichte uns folgendes Statement von Sänger Hansi Kürsch:

"Hi there,
as you all most probably recognized we have kept silence for quite a while, again. The reason is fairly simple: we have been on the road for most of the time to accomplish an enourmous amount of sightseeing in between the playing:-) We will give you some longer statement about what has been / is going on the next days. This basically is more to inform you about our 20 years Blind Guardian anniversary and the related release of the Remasters series on Friday, June 15. This remasters series include all our albums up to "Nightfall in Middle-Earth". Due to better sounding this is a very valueable option for those, who do not have all albums already or those who do no have any, since this series contain additional material and better booklet designs(including liner notes and some more photos - if it were spacewise possible) than the original ones. Audio/videowise we also have added a good amount of material, such as demos, most of the band ´s clips and b-tracks from single releases, etc.. We have also taken the opportunity to remix the first two albums, so that "B.o.F." and "F.t.B" appear in a more modern shape. Do not worry, the original intention has not been damaged by that. We would have prefered remixing "Tales from the Twilight World" as well, but unfortunately this whole project has been done on very tight time schedule, which made it impossible for us to do so. We nevertheless have really enjoyed doing that time travel for quite a few months and it has brought back great memories. The release date is scheduled for all Europe. The rest of the world is going to follow within the next weeks.
Have a nice day