BRUTUS - Live-Album kommt



BRUTUS haben für den 23.10.2020 ein Live-Album angekündigt. "Live In Ghent" erscheint via Hassle Records. Das Label feiert in diesem Jahr seinen 15. Geburtstag und wird im Oktober 15 Platten neu auflegen. Passend dazu veröffentlicht das Trio das neue Live-Album. 12 Songs wird die Live-Platte umfassen. Die Band kommentiert: 

"When the real world went into lockdown, early March 2020, a year of live music disappeared before our eyes. Going on tour, playing festivals, watching bands, it’s all gone. It was as hard for us as it has been for everybody involved in live music. As a remedy, we took the time to look back on what we had already done and collected the footage we had of our previous shows. Painful and healing at the same time. That’s when we stumbled upon the recordings of our show at Handelsbeurs in Ghent, May 2019. A hometown show we fully recorded and filmed after a period of touring, in front of all our family and friends."


 "We know it’s just a recording and not even close to the real feeling we had on stage or the energy we got back from the crowd in the room, but looking back, almost a year later, we feel absolutely proud about that show."

Tracklist "Live In Ghent":

1. Fire
2. Cemetery
3. Horde II
4. Drive
5. War
6. Justice de Julia II
7. Child
8. Space
9. Techno
10. Distance
11. All Along
12. Sugar Dragon