CAN'T SWIM - Albumstream



Ihr komplettes neues Album "Fail You Again" stellen CAN'T SWIM derzeit im Stream vor. Unten sind die Songs der Alternativeband aus New Jersey zu finden - erscheinen wird die Platte dann am naechsten Freitag via Pure Noise. Gitarrist und Saenger Chris LoPorto:

"This record feels like the beginning of our band. The first chapter and the reason why we started playing music. It's really the template to our future. Writing and recording it all ourselves gave us so much insight to who we are and what kind of band we want to be. I think when writing a record, the most important thing to accomplish is to have everyone feel proud and a part of the project. We couldn't be more excited to release it and it was a pleasure to make. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed making it."