CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK! - Video zu "Complete You"



CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK! präsentieren mit "Complete You" einen neuen Song von ihrem aktuellen Album "Gone Are The Good Days", welches vergangenen Freitag via Fearless Records erschienen ist. 

Über das neue Album sagt die Band:

"We are so excited to finally reveal our latest album Gone Are The Good Days to the world. We put all our energy into this record. We took the time to perfect each track, paying attention to every detail. This album represents by far our biggest artistic effort to date, and we are very proud of it! We hope you enjoyed the singles released over the past few months. But now that this album is out, we encourage you to dive into this 12 song track listing in order, without skipping a song, to experience it the way it was intended. May this album be the soundtrack to your summer."

Tracklist "Gone Are The Good Days": 

  1. "Bitter"
  2. "Drift Away"
  3. "Gone Are The Good Days"
  4. "Marigold"
  5. "Made For More"
  6. "True Colors"
  7. "Good Luck"
  8. "Complete You"
  9. "Blame It On This Song"
  10. "Painkillers"
  11. "Tongue Tied"
  12. "Fin."