CIRCA SURVIVE äußern sich zu Albumcomments



CIRCA SURVIVE haben sich zu einigen Albumreaktionen, besonders bei MySpace und Co. geäußert. Lest selbst:

" i started writing this as a response to comments in the last blog and then decided…. fuck it… lets make it a whole blog of its own….
this is to all of our dedicated amazing bloggers from this site and of course my space. once in a while someone will express their feelings about the new album in a negative way… or sometimes just constructive…… and of course our loyal friends (aka “fans”) tear them a new asshole… haha its awesome but we know what we do wont be accepted by everyone. and thats ok. heres some words to yall.

holy shit you guys are funny. its all good if some people dont feel the new album… (or the song titles haha) we make our records for ourselves as much as we make it to be shared and we are completley satisfied with it and to the ones that DO get it… well our connection just means that much more. know what im saying? we’re connected to all of you whether you love us or hate us or just pretend to like us. now let me tell you a story…

i was in six grade. i was just starting to get really into music and i had the best thing ever…. a best friend with a hot older sister who knew about all of these bands that noone else knew about…her name was erica b.

she got me into blur when they were still playing in little shitty bars in the states and then she showed me a live recording of a band she told me was named “pearl jam.” their first album wasnt out yet and i fell in love with the band even tho the tape was live and sounded shitty and yada yada. then “ten” comes out and they are instantly the biggest thing ever. i was sad. i was the only kid in the school to have a pearl jam shirt before and then all of the sudden it seems like it was a prerequisite to have one to get into class.
i felt like i lost my special relationship with them (even tho i never got to meet them or converse with them on a message board haha)
one part of me wanted to cheer for their success and another wanted to store them in my closet and never let them leave… i was making more friends because of it ironically… so i was torn.

i told my mother how i was confused and didnt know if i wanted to continue liking pearl jam.
she said “everybody loves grilled cheese but that doesn’t mean it all of the sudden tastes bad.”

i still buy every record that pearl jam puts out.