COBRA STARSHIP in Verkehrsunfall verwickelt



Gabe, Alex und Vicky von COBRA STARSHIP waren kürzlich in einen Verkehrsunfall verwickelt. Vicky hierzu:

so what happened my first day in New Zealand? well, I had a sweet day of sight seeing, took a nap, got up and dressed to go out. Was super excited to go out as I've been sick with a cold the past few days and stayed in. My good friend Aaron is in town which is fantastic. Gabe, Suarez, Aaron, our friend Sue and I get into a car. Just before we take off, I realized I couldn't wear a seatbelt. I ALWAYS wear a seatbelt and make everyone wear theirs as well.

I said to everyone "well if we get in a car accident. I love all of you." sure enough, what happens? we get in an accident and I get injured. Gabe went flying into the seat in front of him and hit his chest, I flew forward and was holding onto a handle inside the car and fucked up my arm and shoulder as a result. Luckily everyone is okay, sadly my arm is not. I couldn't move my arm at first but then eventually could after it clicked a few times.

An ambulance pulls up and out pops some paramedics and a camera crew. Some kind of reality tv show was in the ambulance and has been documenting different accidents. crazy. So of course we dropped cobras and told the story of our accident!

I then had to go in an ambulance with my friend Aaron. There was a guy in the car with bad head injuries. It was sad. We had a dialogue about our accidents and I told him I knew he was going to end up alright. He smiled and thanked me.

Finally get to the hospital. Waited around for 5 hours. Got X-rays eventually. Ends up my shoulder is very badly sprained. I can't move it without coming to tears. It feels like every time I move it that it is dislocating - sucks. As I go to leave the guy with the head injuries is leaving as well. I smiled and said, "glad you're alright." he responded with, "glad you are too."

I was given a bunch of pain killers at the hospital. Returned to the hotel where TAI, Panic at the Disco and my boys all came back to meet me. They all greeted me, we had drinks, I then ate some breakfast and passed out around 7am.

I am on a couple pain killers at the moment and feeling loopy so hopefully my story telling is coherent. We just played a show. I had to play part of it in an arm sling. I was really out of it the whole time because of the pills I had to take for the pain.

I'm gonna go lay down. My arm is killing me.

but there you go. a little update- drive safe everyone and wear your seatbelts please! I'm so thankful none of us were severely injured.