CORY WELLS - Video zu "Wildfire"



Der Songwriter CORY WELLS vereint Emocore und Lagerfeuerromantik auf moderne Art und Weise. Sein neues Album "The Way We Are" erscheint am 15. November via Pure Noise Records. Unten stellt WELLS mit "Wildfire" einen Song der Platte inklusive Videoclip vor. Er kommentiert:

“Four years in the making and I cannot be more proud of this collection of songs. It portrays sadness, anger, despair, happiness, uncertainty, regret, and so much more.  It's my life. Its your life. It's about what its like to be human.  Without the bad, the good would mean nothing. It would just be normal. I hope people can appreciate the emotions put into this record as well as the various feels and styles it represents. It's the way we are”

Zur neuen Single erklaert WELLS:

“This topic a first for me to write about. I didn't know that I'd ever known true hatred for someone until the events of this song. It feels amazing to let out so much anger in a healthy way. It feels like letting go”