CRIME IN STEREO - Statement zu Tourabsagen und Co.



CRIME IN STEREO haben ein Statement zu den Tourabsagen in der jüngsten Vergangenheit sowie ihren Zukunftsplänen veröffentlicht:

"Hey. I guess first off we should apologize to all the people in Europe and the UK who were expecting to see us this summer with Comeback Kid. We had to cancel the tour at the last minute and we'll try to make it up to everyone as soon as we can. We'll be back in the UK with New Found Glory in November, and we're trying to figure out how soon we can see continental Europe again. Hopefully sooner than not.

We broke up.Then we got back together. It all happened rather quickly.

Speaking of moving forward, there should be 5 new Crime In Stereo releases within the next 12 months. 3 Full Lengths and 2 seven inch's if I count correctly. Our shows at the ICC in Allston and Knitting Factory NYC at the end of summer will be record release shows, although I don't think I'm allowed to say what the record is yet. But the shows are Aug 30 and 31, respectively."