Carl verlässt TERROR, Band sucht neuen Basser



Scott Vogel wand sich mit der Nachricht des Verlassens vom Basser Carl kürzlich auf der Homepage der Jungs an interessierte Bassspieler, die eventuell ihr jetztiges Leben für Terror aufgeben würden. Sein komplettes Statement:

"What's up everyone? We are home and happy to be off the road. Enjoying Los Angeles and the holidays. We are finishing up the material for the next record, and awaiting our European tour with Donnybrook and Blacklisted.

We've got some bad news. Carl has left the band. He let us know in Canada a few months back that the Bury Your Dead tour would be his last. He's sick of the road, wasn't having much fun and i'm sure that he's sick of me, and all the insanity that goes on with this band....he's being real cool and helping us out in the studio now, and will be recording on the next record. We love that dude, and best of luck.

So yes, we are looking for a new bass player. If you're interested contact us at You need to be ready to give up whatever you have going on, and be ready to tour forever. You need to have all the basic shit like good equipment and so on. Also Carl did a lot of backing vocals, so ya need that too. And most of all a good attitude. No rock stars or egos. No crazy assholes. We already have enough of those in the band. And if you're too worried about money...don't bother.

Be safe...See ya soon...Scott / Terror"