Claudio Sanchez veröffentlicht Key of Z Comic



Claudio Sanchez, Frontmann von COHEED AND CAMBRIA und Autor / Schöpfer der THE AMORY WARS und KILL AUDIO Comics, hat das Release seines jüngsten Wekes namens KEY OF Z bekanntgegeben.

Writers Sanchez and Chondra Echert (KILL AUDIO) bring a deadly new vision of New York City in KEY OF Z, with cover art by Nathan Fox (FLORESCENT BLACK), a special incentive cover by Tony Moore (THE WALKING DEAD), and the stunning artwork of Aaron Kuder (THE AMORY WARS).
The zombie apocalypse has transformed the city into two separate battle-hardened fiefdoms. Nick Ewing is left to survive while seeking revenge on those responsible for the death of his family – the warring gangs residing in The Big Apple’s most illustrious athletic houses. Ewing stumbles upon a sentimental artifact from his past that imbues him with surprising power. Find out what happens when he discovers the KEY OF Z.

KEY OF Z #1 ist in den USA nun erhältlich und kann ebenfalls über die ComiXology Plattform digital erworben werden.