DAUGHTERS - Nehmen neues Album auf



DAUGHTERS werden noch diesen Monat das Studio aufsuchen, um ein neues Album für Hydra Head Records aufzunehmen. Gitarrist Nick Sadler:

"The studio is constantly growing and helping make some monsterous recordings as well as taking some really cool creative routes in terms of the recording process. Basically, the two engineers are really really into what they do and put a lot of time into mastering their craft both technically and creatively. It helps to be in a studio whose engineers understand what your going for, what your band is about, and what you're into...basically having common reference points for what's happening makes things go a little smoother and MWM are pretty tapped into what's going on in the music world at large. They did Battles' 'Mirrored' album."

Artwork for the currently untitled album is being conceptualized. Additionally, though the new material has still been written with two guitars in mind, this will be the first time that Daughters has recorded as a four-piece. The group has yet to replace departed guitarist Jeff Worms, who left the group last summer. "Jeff is amazing and I wish he didn't live on the opposite coast because I feel like he's a perfect fit for our band in a lot of subtle ways. He's got really tiny feet that patter around in little tiny shoes."