DEEZ NUTS - stellen weiteren neuen Song im Stream vor



Bevor das neue Album der Hardcoreband aus Australien namens "Binge & Purgatory" am 7. April weltweit erscheint, stellen DEEZ NUTS mit "Commas & Zeros" einen weiteren Song daraus im Stream vor. 

Frontmann JJ Peters erklaert:

"We are super fuckin exited for the coming months! Dropping our 3rd single 'Commas & Zeros' (a commentary on the music industry's ability to snuff out individuality and encourage production line bands and paint by numbers song writing in order to increase their bottom line) and hitting the U.K. with our big homies in Suicide Silence, launching our best album to date, 'Binge & Purgatory', April 7th. And to celebrate doing a short run of Australian night clubs playing songs of the new album! DN will be on the road all over the world the remainder of the year playing the joints to anyone who cares to listen!"