DEW-SCENTED 'Arise From Decay' Videoclip gelauncht, Tourgitarrist bestätigt



Arise From Decay, den neuen Videoclip der deutschen Thrasher DEW-SCENTED, kann man sich nachfolgend anschauen!

Der Song stammt vom aktuellen Album Invocation, welches am 24. Mai 2010 über Metal Blade Records in Europa veröffentlicht wurde.

Sänger Leif Jensen: "While we spent a good amount of time on the European roads in 2010 promoting the release of'Invocation', we figured it would be a good idea to collect live footage and have some of it presented to our global supporters. We chose the album's opening, 'Arise From Decay', for the clip as this track has become an important and very energetic piece of our current live set."

DEW-SCENTED haben Michael "Michi" Hankel (Erosion, Holy Moses) als Rhythmusgitarrist für die anstehende Europatour mit Nile bestätigt. "We have known Michi for several years now and are certain he will complement the band in a great way for the coming shows!"

Michi: "I am proud to let you know that I am joining DEW-SCENTED for their upcoming European tour. I have liked these guys and their material since many years and in my opinion DEW-SCENTED are a real challenge for all thrash metallers. Their songs are sounding heavy now and will kick you right in the face. I am truly looking forward to meeting you all on this amazing tour!"

DEW-SCENTED's Tour mit NILE, MELECHESH, ZONARIA und DARKRISE, "Those Whom The Gods Detest - European Tour 2011" betitelt, startet am 20. Januar im polnischen Mega Club in Kattowitz.

"Those Whom The Gods Detest – European Tour 2011"
20.01.2011 Katowice (Poland) - Mega Club
21.01.2011 Vienna (Austria) - Szene
22.01.2011 Budapest (Hungary) - a38
23.01.2011 Bucarest (Romania) - The Silver Church Club
24.01.2011 Sofia (Bulgaria) - Blue Box
25.01.2011 Thessaloniki (Greece) - 8ball
26.01.2011 Beograd (Serbia) - SKC
27.01.2011 Zagreb (Croatia) - Mochvara
28.01.2011 Nova Goriza (Italy) - Pieffe Factory
29.01.2011 Dietikon / Zürich (Switzerland) - Sounddock14
30.01.2011 Darmstadt (Germany) - Steinbruch Theater
31.01.2011 Prague (Czech Republic) - Exit Chmelnice
01.02.2011 München (Germany) - Backstage
02.02.2011 Vevey (Switzerland) - Rocking Chair
03.02.2011 Romagnano Sesia / Novara (Italy) - RnR Arena
04.02.2011 Rome (Italy) - Blackout
05.02.2011 Gualtieri / Reggio Emilia (Italy) - Temp Rock
07.02.2011 Nijmegen (The Netherlands) - Doornrosje
08.02.2011 Cardiff (UK) - Millennium Music Hall
09.02.2011 Liverpool (UK) - The Masque
10.02.2011 Derby (UK) - Redemption
11.02.2011 Dublin (Ireland) - Button Factory
12.02.2011 Belfast (UK) - Spring And Airbrake
13.02.2011 London (UK) - 02 Academy
14.02.2011 Rotterdam (The Netherlands) - Baroeg
15.02.2011 Antwerp (Belgium) - Trix
16.02.2011 Hannover (Germany) – Musikzentrum