DIMMU BORGIR geben Albumtitel bekannt



Die symphonischen Black Metaller von DIMMU BORGIR haben das Abmischen ihres neuen Albums im Studio Fredman in Schweden mit den Produzenten Fredrik Nordström und Patrik J. Sten abgeschlossen. Das neue Release ist für Anfang 2007 bei Nuclear Blast geplant. Gitarrist Silenoz hat folgendes Update zum Aufnahmeprozess abgegeben.

"After what we can call a pretty mellow and relaxed mixing session (at least from a dimmucratic point of view), 'In Sorte Diaboli' is now mixed and ready for mastering! Ooops…happened to mention the album title there.

Anyways, mastering duties will be done pretty soon courtesy of Russ Russell at an undisclosed location in the U.K.

We'd especially like to thank Fredrik and Patrik for the great work they've done helping us creating such a great sound! Would you really expect anything else? Not only that but also for putting up with our bullshit for over a month. Trust me when I say there are just a few out there capable of doing that...

Meeting Patric Ullaeus and discussing the new video was satisfying as well. There are some really nice ideas brewing at the moment! More about that later…"