DIMMU BORGIR Gitarrist Silenoz hat sich aus dem Studio gemeldet um uns ein Update zum anstehenden Album zu geben:

"Finally we arrived in Studio Fredman. It's now located outside Gothenburg in a godforsaken place in the middle of fucking nowhere, which couldn't be more perfect.
Things started not as planned,as usual, as we found out already before departure that we were a car short because of calculating the amount of equipment totally wrong. But hey, we're just musicians and we're spoiled having the crew taking care of that usually, so in lack of further excuses we blame it on them and their absence...

Anyhow, Hellhammer phoned a friend of his and luckily he was free to help us out driving it down to In The Middle of Nowhere. Thanks Espen! We'll start tracking drums tomorrow and we'll try and keep you guys posted on what's happening, and perhaps also post some photos if Frank the webmaster can make it happen.
We're very excited about the new material and can't wait to get started!"