DOOMRIDERS tauschen Drummer aus



Hier das Statement der Band:
"We have our ups and we have our downs. So lets start with the downs first.....Bev unfortunately had to leave the band. Its an amicable split and we are very sorry to see him go but we wish him all the best in his pursuits. Ladies and Gentlemen of the west coast will surely see him skating, surfing, drinking coffee, and walking around aimlessly looking for wireless internet on a regular basis. Watch out. Bev's coming.

We are very happy however to announce that the man who will be filling Bev's shoes is none other than JR Connors of Cave In fame. He's only been back from Berlin for two weeks and we already snatched him up much to the chagrin of his lovely wife. He's a MANIAC. He's learning our songs and doing a damn fine job of it I might add. We are very proud to welcome JR to the band and are positive he will up the ante quite a bit. Oh and his name is actually John. John Connors..... like in terminator. How fucking cool is that??

Europe ....... get ready......we're coming to wreck everything and ruin your lives."