ELDER BROTHER - neues Album im Oktober



ELDER BROTHER um Dan Rose and Kevin Geyer (The Story So Far) kuendigen ihr neues Album an. "I Won’t Fade On You" erscheint am 2. Oktober via Pure Noise Records. Anbei kann mit “I uet So Tired Of You" eine erste Vorabsingle im Stream angehoert werden. Dan Rose kommentiert:  

'I Get So Tired Of You' is a song we had floating around for a while that we were nervous to pursue because of the prominent keyboard lineKevin can play piano but we were always apprehensive to commit to any keys-driven tunes because we weren’t as confident on the instrument. Once we added Evan to the lineup, who is a classically trained pianist as well as a drummer, we were more confident to start moving in that direction sonically I think the song is a product of us gaining more confidence in our instruments and as a band, in general"