FEAR MY THOUGTHS - Nächste Woche geht es ins Studio



Die Freiburger Metalband FEAR MY THOUGHTS wird sich ab dem 11. Februar ins Studio begeben, um den Nachfolger zu "Vulcanus" einzuspielen. Dazu die Band:

"On February 11 we'll enter the studio of our singer Martin [Fischer] to record our new album. It's the first time that we're recording an album on our own and we're a little bit excited. All songs are written and feel great and we can't wait to play them live for you. It will be a great mixture of progressive rock, smellin' rock 'n' roll and metal.

"In early March we're flying to Sweden to mix our album with Daniel Bergstrand in the Dug Out studios. So Sweden, beware — we're coming!!!"