FRANK IERO - DIY-Video zu "Basement Eyes"



Auch bei all den grossen News zur Hauptband von Frank Iero - MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE - die juengst einen Schwung Reunion-Shows bekannt gaben, fuehlt sich der Musiker in seinem heimischen Keller doch am wohlsten. Der Song "Basement Eyes" belegt das und wurde mit einem passenden Video ausgestattet. 

Im Bezug auf den Song und das aktuelle Album "Barriers" - erschienen via UNFD - erklaert IERO im ausfuehrlichen Statement:


"We are proud to present you with our latest music video. It was directed by the talented David Brodsky and Allison Woest for My Goodeye Visuals. This song is very much about beginnings and ends. Many incredible feats have begun in a basement or a garage. I personally have started almost every musical or creative project of my career in a basement somewhere" he continues. "I have learned to play instruments, started bands, painted, filmed videos, played shows, written and even recorded records there. It is my preferred creative space and the nucleus of where inspiration and ideas get formed into living, breathing pieces of art. 

The song 'Basement Eyes' was written in a basement. It's about the feeling you get when starting something new and the fire that burns inside the creative mind. That fire pushes us forward. It urges us to continue making things not for the hope of fame or glory or the pursuit of monetary reward, but because it is a necessity for survival. The saddest thing about getting older is watching that fire go out or dull in other people's eyes. Living a creative life, we tend to gravitate towards other likeminded people. Real recognizes real. Sometimes you start bands together or collaborate in some way. Sometimes just being around one another is enough. Even though these partnerships may be fleeting, you tend to continue in a strange orbit, occasionally meeting again somewhere along the way. Time passes, life happens, and I have seen people I hung out in basements who neglect their fires. Like a body needs vitamins and nutrients, our souls need to create. When that fire is extinguished, the hunger dies. 'Basement Eyes' is a song about that experience. Enjoy."