FROM ASHES TO NEW - Video zu "Crazy"



FROM ASHES TO NEW stellen mit "Crazy" eine erste Single ihres kommenden Albums 'The Future' vor, welches am 20. April via Better Noise Records / Eleven Seven Music erscheint und ab sofort vorbestellbar ist. Bandgruender Matt Brandyberry kommentiert:

“Anxiety made it difficult to write at times but ultimately we came together and decided we were going to write the best music we possibly could and see where that took us”

Saenger Danny Case zum Release:

“Crazy” is, at its core, a song about someone or something driving you absolutely out of your mind and feeling unable to walk away from it. I dated someone for a very short period of time and it felt like everything I said and did was wrong. I thought I was losing my mind because I knew it was a bad situation, but I just felt like I couldn’t walk away. I think having that life experience really helped when we sat down and wrote the lyrics”