GENGHIS TRON auf dem Weg ins Studio



Das neue Relapse Signing GENGHIS TRON befindet sich auf dem Weg ins Studio um ihr Labeldebüt in den God City Studios einzuspielen. Das Album wird im Frühjahr 2008 erwartet.

Die Band hierzu:
"Time does NOT fly when you're parked in front of a computer for 8 months making an epic, synth-driven, psychedelic dirge about the end of all time. That's why we're elated to get the fuck out of West Philly and finally record the album that has nearly driven us insane on more than thirty-five occasions...each. It's going to be a beautiful thing once it's done and we can't wait for everyone to share in our paralyzing fear of the future!"

Den ersten Demo Song kann man sich bei Myspace anhören.