GOLDUST: Jetzt bei Let It Burn Records



Let It Burn Records haben GOLDUST unter Vertrag genommen.

Our last signing in 2009 is without any doubt one of the most exciting ones: GOLDUST from Muenster, Germany are from now on part of the Let It burn Family! We are thrilled to welcome one of the very few promising german hardcore bands to our roster. GOLDUST have proven on previous tours and releases, that they incarnate everything threatening, exciting and genuine that hardcore used to stand for in the past.

The band about their signing: "After longstanding support from numerous underground record labels, GOLDUST are now happy to announce that we got the chance to release our new full length DESTROYER | BORDERLINES through one of Germany's longest running Hardcore labels, LET IT BURN Records. We couldn't be more pleased about how everything has developed for us as a band and we're excited about the possibility to cooperate with a well-placed label like LET IT BURN."

GOLDUST will release "DESTROYER | BORDERLINES" on April 2, 2010. What has been introduced on their "NOIR" 7" and the "AXIS" CD/LP will now be continued: a furious destructive blend of hardcore and metal on their own terms. Twelve new songs, marked by the energy and creativity of a new line-up, will merge these spheres once more.