GRADE nehmen neues Material auf



GRADE haben sich bekanntlich 2002 aufgelöst. Nun hat sich die Band wieder zusammengefunden um Material für eine limitierte 7" aufzunehmen. Bassist Matt Jones kommentiert:

"On July 6th we're starting to record a couple of new songs for the At Both Ends Magazine final issue double 7" comp with our old friends from Bane! This is going to be very limited vinyl only available with the magazine, but we might release it as a digital EP sometime after the 7" is out, we'll see what happens.

Shawn, Greg, Kyle and I have been jamming with our good friend Matt Richmond (from the Video Dead and Saint Alvia) for a little while now. What started out as getting together to jam for fun has produced some pretty awesome new songs and we can't wait to get in the studio and see what we can do with them. No plans for reunion tours or albums or any of that stuff right now, we're just having a good time playing together again and we'll see where it goes from here."