GRAVEYARD - gehören zu Nuclear Blast



GRAVEYARD gehören ab sofort zu Nuclear Blast und werden ihr Labeldebüt “Hisingen Blues” Ende März 2011 veröffentlichen. Hier das obligatorische Blabla:

NB: “We are honoured to be working with GRAVEYARD from now on! These guys are the most unique and amazing band the so called retro rock scene has to offer although GRAVEYARD are MUCH more than this. Keep your caps peeled – GRAVEYARD is upon us – 2011 will be the year of the ‘YARD!”

GRAVEYARD: “It feels great to work with such experienced and dedicated people as the Nuclear Blast crew. Awesome!! It’s a label that's founded by old school tape traders that obviously are good at what they do, since NB is one of the few big independent labels that manages not only to survive, but to expand in today's difficult music climate. Peace, love & chemical warfare!”