GUNS UP! hören auf!



Guns Up! hören auf. Anfang nächsten Jahres gibt es noch zwei West Coast Shows und eine East Coast Show. Hier das Statement der Band:

"Four and a half years; hundreds of shows, three US tours, three East Coast trips, a European tour, countless weekends, three records, who knows how many demos...four guitar players, three drummers, three bass players, two vans, at least a few grand worth of broken equipment, and about 12,458 shirt designs later... Guns Up! is done. In brief, we've accomplished everything we could have ever hoped for. It's been a wild ride. We would like to thank Sean Riley, Sean McKendry, Luke Dedeus, Steve Zuretti, Ryan Phillips, Justin Paling, Chucky Edge, James Vitalo, Michael Dolloff and anyone/everyone else as well as every band that's helped us along the way. Your support and encouragement has been invaluable."