HATE ETERNAL mit neuem Gitarristen



HATE ETERNAL haben mit Shaune Kelley einen neuen Gitarristen an Bord. Hier das Statement von:

"Shaune and I played together in for Ripping Corpse for over 5 years before my involvement in Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal, and have been friends for over 20 years. I am totally ecstatic to have Shaune in the band and recreate a guitar team that always connected on all fronts. Shaune's contribution to the new record will be tremendous as well as touring that will follow. It will be the first time Hate Eternal will actually be a four piece live band, due to other situations never working out. Rehearsals have been amazing jamming with Alex, Jade, and Shaune for the last couple of months at Mana Studios. The new songs are finished and sounding awesome! We have spent much more time on the preparation of this new album on all fronts compared to our past releases and the results have provided a much more focused and deeper layered results (more solos, yes!). We start recording the drums on August 21st and then following through, finishing by mid-October for an early 2008 Metal Blade release."