HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Clubtour gecancelt



Leider hat es die Wutmacht HEAVEN SHALL BURN nun auch erwischt: Alle Shows, die die Band zur Promotion ihres neuen Albums "Of Truth And Sacrifice" spielen wollte, sind abgesagt. Allerdings sollen die Auftritte nachgeholt werden. Hier das Statement der Band:

"We´re so sorry folks, after talking to public authorities we´re forced to postpone tonight´s show in Frankfurt as well as our shows in Hamburg, Chemnitz, Essen and Karlsruhe. New dates will be communicated as soon as possible, your tickets remain valid of course. Also our show on Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico will not take place because of current developments. We were kind of hoping that at least our small shows could take place, but administrative regulations, directives and regulatory actions regarding the corona crisis leave us with no option. As you can see we were ready to go. But we have to accept the complicated situation and we nurse no grudge against the administrative bodies. Just like you, we feel bitterly disappointed – but on the other hand we feel that now solidarity and sobriety are the virtues we all need. There is no place for wounded vanity or selfish frustration, because we need to protect the weak and vulnerable ones among us. That is something we always promoted as a band and we know that you guys feel the same, which is something that makes us very proud. Hope to see you soon!"

Als Tränentrockner hier noch das erste Video zur neuen Platte: