HOMEBOUND - neue Single im Stream



Am 10. Februar 2017 veroeffentlichen die Poppunks von HOMEBOUND ihre neue EP ‘The Mould You Build Yourself Around’ via Rude Records. Vorab stelt die Band um Frontmann Charlie Boughton mit "Headspace" bereits einen ersten Song daraus im Stream und inklusive Videoclip vor. Zum Titel sagt Boughton:

“It is based on the idea that from choosing to be in a band and to pursue music, it has shaped my morals, what I value in life, my personality, the decisions I make whether serious or trivial, literally anything and everything… and ultimately made me who I am today.” 

Zur Single erklaert der Saenger:

“It’s very much how it sounds. After any sort of relationship break up, depending on what side of it you are on, there's always a period of turmoil in which you are battling with yourself and your tendency to overthink and replay scenarios in your head. I found writing the song to be somewhat therapeutic and an effective means in which to vent what I was feeling.”