HOMESAFE - neuer Videoclip online



HOMESAFE aus Illinois stellen mit 'Vanilla-scented Laser Beams' einen Song ihres kommenden Albums "Out" vor. Anbei gibt es den Videoclip der Alternativeband um Ryan RumchaksTyler AlbertsonEmanuel Duran und Joe Colesby zu sehen - die Platte erscheint dann am 29. Juni via Pure Noise Records. Die Band kommentiert:

"We’ve been waiting a long time to bring these songs to life and we can’t wait to share them with the world. We love what we created. This record means everything to us. "Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams" is a fun, out of the gate, ice-breaker for the album. It’s about a moment of happenstance in which you meet someone and are caught off-guard by the way they make you feel. Whether it’s only for that moment, or goes beyond it, it’s something you feel the upmost need to explore"