HOUSTON CALLS aufgelöst (2003-2009)



Drive-Thru Act HOUSTON CALLS hat sich aufgelöst. Hier das Statement:

After about 6 years, hundreds of shows, a bunch of great tours in 3 continents outside of our own, Houston Calls is calling it a day. Suffice it to say, we didn't come to this decision lightly, and it's one that pains us, even though it's what we've decided is best for us. The continued instability surrounding our band's various situations (has overshadowed what our band has always prioritized: making some alright music and having a great time with our friends - the ones in our van and the ones we meet on the road.

It's tough packing up your entire life and leaving friends and family for months at a time. It's unstable, it's uncertain, and it's pretty darn unhealthy. It's also, as we're all looking a little to our own futures, unsustainable at this level. The economic realities of living hand to mouth at our ages gets to be a little daunting. And seeing very few open doors for us as a band, we decided that it's best for us to move on.