Illdisposed - Neues Album im Kasten



The recordings are done!!! Diese frohe Nachricht verkünden die Dänen Deather auf ihrem myspace blog. Aber lest selber:

All drums, guitars, bass and vocals are now recorded. Next week we'll spend a day checking if everything's perfect or if something has to be corrected. Then we'll send the sessions to Fredrik Nordström so he can start mixing the album on December 3rd. Bo and I will go to Sweden to mix with Fredrik.

The new album is recorded differently compared to the previous 2 albums. We didn't really cut into the tracks while recording so nearly everything you'll hear is first takes. We want it all to sound more raw and alive this time. A lot of the new albums you hear these days are so tight and over-produced that it doesn't sound like humans playing anymore and in the long run you get tired of it - I think.

The front cover for the album will be made by Mattias Norén (who yesterday revealed that he will quit making album artwork, read the story at Blabbermouth). So I guess our cover will be one of the last covers you'll see him.

Have a nice weekend folks. We'll spend it playing a show in Switzerland.

J. Batten