JUNE treten kürzer



Victory Act JUNE hat folgendes Statement zur aktuellen Bandsituation veröffentlicht:

"Basically, it's been our dream since we could all actually play songs on our instruments to be in a successful touring band. We've worked hard since we were sophomores in high school (a pretty bad garage band at best, ha) to build a very cool following in Chicago and then eventually sign to Victory Records and put out two CD's in stores while touring with the absolute coolest bands across the country. All of these things were amazing goals that we achieved and will be things that we will never ever forget doing...

Unfortunately, the music industry, as awesome as it is to be apart of, is a tough place to really set yourself up for a stable setting in the future. Everything is so fickle regarding how a band breaks out or not. You can be together for 2 months and then be on top of the world...or it could take you many years of touring your asses off and working hard before you start seeing a return...or you could work just as hard as the next band but have nothing ever happen for you. I think the key here is "working hard". That's why we're not as upset over this as we thought we were going to be. We toured as much as we possibly could and poured everything we could into our songs... The one thing we wanted to make sure is that nobody thought we just gave up like it was nothing. This was definitely one of the hardest conclusions we have ever had to come to and we're all very upset things didn't work out like we wanted them to."


"I don't want to say that we're broken up...we still want to write music, trust me...but as far as touring and taking months off to do it, that's what has to change. None of us will be able to completely block this out of our lives...and if we can...we will still be releasing music to the world."