LACRIMOSA - Sehnsucht



LACRIMOSA haben mit "Die Sehnsucht In Mir" HIER den Titeltrack des am 8. Mai erscheinenden Albums gepostet.

"Die Sehnsucht" besteht aus folgenden Songs:

01. Die Sehnsucht In Mir
02. Mandira Nabula
03. A.U.S.
04. Feuer
05. A Prayer For Your Heart
06. I Lost My Star In Krasnodar
07. Die Taube
08. Call Me With The Voice Of Love
09. Der Tote Winkel
10. Koma

Hier noch ein Kommentar der Band: "Four years ago, we released 'Lichtgestalt', our latest studio album, followed by our 18-month tour across the globe where we had so many engraving and unforgettable moments with our audience, from Berlin to Moscow and from Peking to Buenos Aires. A lot of these impressions were featured in the concert movie 'Lichtjahre'. After all, these people, their emotions and fascination for our music, left their marks which led to a strong relation with them and became an exciting source of inspiration for us. Therefore we are delighted, that on May 8 we will release our new studio album, whose musical and emotional content is centered in one word, which, in the diversity of the individual perception, always stays unequivocal in its basis and therefore represents the perfect title for this album: 'Sehnsucht' (= Yearning)."