LENG TCH'E ersetzen Sänger



LENG TCH'E Sänger Boris Cornelissen hat sich dazu entschieden die Band zu verlassen. Hier sein Statement:

"After four of the coolest and craziest years of my life, I've decided to quit my activities in Leng Tch'e. A difficult decision, considering the fact that I really loved the shows/touring and hanging out with these guys. However, I came to a point in my life where other things start to matter. I don't have the energy and commitment anymore that I used to have, so the time has come to part ways with Leng Tch'e. For me it feels like ending a long term relationship and I think it will feel really strange knowing they will go on without me. Nevertheless, I know this is a well considered decision and wish them all the best in the future. Leng Tch'e has made me who I am today. Thanks for that!"

Mit Serge Kasongo (Ackros) wurde bereits ein Ersatz gefunden. Die Band hierzu:
"Serge blew us away right from the start and we are sure that he will take the band to new heights."