LESS THAN JAKE - Live Shows for Sale



LESS THAN JAKE haben 5 Live Shows online gestellt, die man über einen digitalen Download erwerben kann. Die Songs sind frei von DRM, in einer 320kbps Bitrate und können für $10.00 pro Show erworben werden.

Die Band hierzu:
"I think one of the best things about Less Than Jake is our live show. It has an energy that I don't think we could ever duplicate recording in a studio. Here's a collection of shows from our personal collections. These shows aren't remixed or touched up like most "live" recordings. This is raw off the board recordings, these are time capsules of the past captured in the moment. These are songs played with passion and conviction across the globe or in your backyard, to a few hundred people or to forty plus thousand. Sometimes drunk, profane and sloppy with missed chords and forgotten words and sometimes perfectly played, every beat and note aligned together with great inspirational moments in between 3 chords. This is Less Than Jake, in every way possible"

Erwerben kann man das Ganze dann bei MySpace.