LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES - neue Single im Stream



LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES unterschreiben bei UNFD und stellen zeitgleich eine neue Single vor. Zum Signing sagt Frontmann Chris Roetter“After 10 years of LMTF, I feel a huge sense of renewal throughout the band since we signed on to the label. UNFD has done amazing things for our team in a very short amount of time and we are heavily anticipating the future and what’s to come”.

Anbei gibt es den neuen Song "All That You Lost" im Stream, zu dem Roetter folgendes zu sagen hat: 

“’All That You Lost’ is about the on-going struggles of being in toxic relationships and finally coming to the conclusion that you’ve had enough. I think it’s important to embrace the things that piss you off... If you can use it as means to grow. Sometimes it’s easier said than done"