MEGADETH - Jahresrückblick von DAVE ELLEFSON



Hier der persönliche Rückblick von DAVE ELLEFSON auf das Jahr 2010:

What was your personal theme song this year and why?
Rammstein's "Feuer Frei." After playing on several festivals with them this year, there is NOTHING more metal than attaching a flame thrower fire to your face and spewing 12-foot flames during the show with your band mates!

What's the most embarrassing or funny thing that happened on tour this year? Tell us the story!

Chuck Billy throwing Chris Broderick's birthday cake from the stage into the crowd at a show in Calgary, Canada.

What's the biggest lesson you learned this year?

Live in the moment because that's where the action is.

What's the coolest thing you discovered this year?

ToonTrack drum programs and Logic Express for the Mac

What's your new year's resolution?

To keep doing what I'm doing.