NEW FOUND GLORY äußern sich zum Label Split



NEW FOUND GLORY's Chad Gilbert sprach mit MTV üer ihre Trennung mit Geffen/Universal.

Die Trennung passierte angeblich einvernehmlich und Chad erklärte:

"It wasn't a shock to us, because it's been in the back of our minds for a while. And we were all sort of thinking, 'What's going to be our next move?

I think some of our fans weren't into the last record, but the ones that were into it were really, really into it, and they loved it so much that they were personally offended that it wasn't all over everywhere. It was some other things behind the scenes that were out of anyone's hands. And I don't really know what those things are. You can't really know and you can't really say.

As for a new label, the band is not ruling out indies or majors, saying that they're open to anyone who loves the band and "has a plan."

NEW FOUND GLORY planen noch ein Release vor ihrem nächsten Full-Length Album. Herauskommen wird der zweite Teil der im Jahre 2000 erschienenen Movie-Themed EP. Das neue release wird "From The Screen To Your Stereo Part 2" heißen.