NIGHT IN GALES - bei Lifeforce Records



Die deutschen Melodic Death Metal Pioniere NIGHT IN GALES werden ihr fünftes Album "Five Scars" am 7. November via Lifeforce Records releasen. Als Produzent konnte Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, etc.) verpflichtet werden und Jens Basten sagt zum Signing:

We're back, fuck yeah! 17 years after initially cooking our very own brew of German Melodic Death Metal, there's a new NIGHT IN GALES album coming your way!
"Five Scars" will definitely be a feast for the melo-death gourmets who might be fed up with all the wannabes who led this great metal style into total insignificance! Lifeforce Records proved themselves as true epicureans, hence we are proud to be part of the Lifeforce family now! "Five Scars" will be out on November 7th, and we're looking forward to fire up the kitchen with a strong new partner aside!

Stay tuned for the first tunes from "Five Scars" to be revealed the coming days!