OUT OF LOVE - stellen Videoclip zu "Sniffin Glue" vor



OUT OF LOVE stellen mit "Sniffin’ Glue" eine neue Videosingle vor, die ab sofort digital via Venn Records zu haben ist. Die Londoner Band war u.a. zuletzt zu Gast beim "House of Vans" -  im April 2021 war die aktuelle EP "Funny Feeling" erschienen. Sänger Jack Rogers kommentiert den neuen Track wie folgt:
“‘Sniffin’ Glue’ is about being trapped in a toxic situation—a relationship or friendship you know is bad for you through and through, but you can’t help but justify it for whatever reason that may be. Once we’re aware of the things that are bad for us, sometimes breaking that habit and cycle is a lot harder than you first thought!”