PAINT IT BLACK mit neuem Drummer und Plänen für neues Album



PAINT IT BLACK haben folgendes Update online gestellt, in dem sie ihren neuen Drummer vorstellen und über ihr kommendes Album sprechen. Lest selbst:

"Well, our new drummer is named Jared Shavelson. We've known him for years and years, ever since Josh's old band R5 (aka Proverbs Of The Illest) crossed paths with him during his tenure in the criminally overlooked Creep Records band, Man Without Plan. He currently plays in The Hope Conspiracy and, until recently, also did time in None More Black (which, for those keeping count, would be the third person to play in both bands -- yikes!). As anyone who saw him play with us in Europe this summer or Gainesville this fall will testify, Jared is an absolute monster behind the drums and we couldn't be happier or more excited to have made him one of us.

Of course, the most exhilarating thing about this news is that new songs are finally beginning to take shape. We're currently deep in the midst of creating what will become our third record, and even in this larval state, it sounds killer. Outrageous. Next level. Though you won't hear this stuff for a while, the plan has always been to record this summer, so possibly hope for us to debut new material at some shows on the East Coast in the spring. We hope. Either has begun!"