PAPER AND PLASTICK - neue Comicserie + Videography online



Damit das Label des LESS THAN JAKE Drummers/Texters Vinnie Fiorello nicht umsonst das "Paper" im Namen trägt, arbeitet der fleißige Familienvater an einer neuer Comicserie mit dem Namen "The Phone Call", dessen Textausschnitte er bereits zu twittern begonnen hat.

Von Seiten des Label gibt es folgendes Statement:

"Fiorello will continue daily tweets of the dialogue until the entire first issue has been revealed. “The Phone Call” was written by Fiorello, scripted by Matt Anderson and illustrated by Bart King. It is an original story, based on real events, that follows a drunken 20-something in a journey to answer life’s most pertinent question – “What exactly happened last night?” Fiorello says the graphic novel is, at times, a dark look into who people really are when they sober up and start asking the tough questions.

“The Phone Call” is the kickoff to a stellar year of comic books and graphic novels for the Gainesville, Fla.-based record label. Fiorello, who has long expressed his love for comic books, began the label’s stint in the genre in 2011, with four different webcomic series."

Außerdem stellt PAPER AND PLASTICK eine komplette Videosammlung des Labeleigenen Katalogs ins Netz, in der u.a. Videos von MAKE DO AND MEND, DAVE HAUSE oder RED CITY RADIO angesehen werden können.

Zur PAPER & PLASTICK Videography geht es hier entlang.